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Sample Code
  • rssFeed API

    • This code allows you to build an RSS document via the Progress 4GL.

      The include file rssFeed.i defines a set of functions that you can use to build an RSS file. A sample is provided in the zip (see rssFeedTest.p). This code doesn't include the data for the RSS document or the movement of the RSS document to the access location. It is just an API for building the RSS document. Note that not all functionality (but most) is included.

      Click here to download the file.

  • Watch a Folder using Microsoft API calls

    • The sample watches a directory called c:\watch\in and via an IP (ProcessFile) moves the contents to c:\watch\out.

      The ProcessFile IP can be modified to process a file in the 'in' directory. You could use this to automate conversion of text files to PDF via PDFinclude or automate the sending of documents to e-mail addresses .... or whatever automated process you would consider when dealing with a file.

      Click here to download the file.

  • Illustrate Encryption using ARC4 with a md5-hashed key

    • This sample provides a data encryption mechanism using the ARC4 (Alleged-RC4) algorithm utilizing a user-enterable key that is hashed with the MD5 function.
      Click here to download the zipped file.

  • Windows PDF Printing

    • This sample provides a routine that illustrates how to use the Adobe COM method for printing a PDF file. Click here to download the procedure.

      This procedure requires two input parameters:
      - Path and File name of PDF document to Print
      - Silent (TRUE OR FALSE) - Printer Name (to be used when printing Silently)

      Click here to download the KillAdobe.p procedure.

  • PDF Grid Generator

    • This utility uses PDFinclude to generate a single-page PDF document that illustrates Text and/or Graphic grids. This is useful for determining placement. Click here to download the procedure.

      This procedure allows you to predetermine some parameters such as fonts, pointsizes, orientation etc

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