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text2pdf.p is a commercially sold Progress procedure that is used to automate the conversion of text-based reports to the Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) file format. 

The major difference (and benefit) between this product and PDF4pro is that you don't have to change your existing reports in order to get PDF formatted output.

text2pdf.p is a stand-alone procedure that accepts specific arguments and generates the appropriate output file (passed as an argument).

The PDF file format is fast becoming an industry-standard for electronic document viewing.  The PDF format allows for documents that can be accessed by a broad range of hardware and software devices (including PDAs and Internet browsers).

text2pdf.p utilizes Progress code that is compliant with versions 8 and 9 of the Progress 4GL.

text2pdf.p has been donated to OpenEdge Hive as an Open Source project in 2015.



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